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With everything you click, watch, read, or listen to, you leave behind data. By analyzing this data, companies can learn a lot about you. It reveals much about who you are: your tastes, interests, hobbies, secret desires, political preferences, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, and much more. Maybe more than you would like. This information is so personal that you should actually be able to decide what happens to it.  

In practice, however, the data is used for all sorts of purposes that you are hardly aware of. With a click of the green button, you give your consent. This can be different: by storing your data in a personal data vault, you regain control!

Dutch Data Vault Foundation

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The Dutch Data Vault Foundation is developing a new data infrastructure. Your personal data will be stored in an online vault, a storage space on the internet, where only you hold the keys. You decide with whom, for what purpose, and for how long that data can be used. This is a very different model from what is currently common on the internet and requires a lot of research and development. The Stichting Nederlandse Datakluis was initiated by the five major media companies in the Netherlands: DPG Media, Mediahuis, NPO, RTL, and Talpa Network.

They share the vision that, in a few years, personal and usage data will no longer be stored in central systems of providers but in a personal environment of the user. Therefore, they want to conduct research together on the feasibility of this concept. The foundation coordinates this research and develops the data vault as a neutral utility that is accessible and usable for everyone. The foundation will evolve into an independent, neutral entity that ensures your interests as an individual and your control over your own data are central. We would love to tell you more about our plans!

Dutch Data Vault Foundation

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Dutch Data Vault Foundation

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