Update III: Momentum

April 11, 2024

Update III: Momentum

We’re on rocket-fuel!

Last month we told you that our teams released the first code. This month we are already laying solid foundations for our MVP with our teams in Leuven (BE), Ghent (BE), Enschede (NL), Utrecht (NL) and Alkmaar (NL). Backend- and Frontend teams are in full swing; the IDP (identity provider) has been delivered as well as the design system. The onboarding flow has already been improved through even more transparency and the first homepage is almost good to go.

Demo III was only 2 weeks ago and Demo IV is already scheduled in exactly 2 weeks from now.

Tests & Validation

Our product- and design teams have been continuously conducting tests and validations in recent months to test and further refine the jouw.id (SSO with Solid pod) proposition and journeys. The first results are promising and way above expectations, which gives our teams and partners even more energy. We are onto something!

In the upcoming we will scale up the experiments with our current build towards n=1000 shortly after which we will be preparing for the closed-béta test of the jouw.id MVP at the end of Q2. If you want to be part of this closed-béta phase (Dutch-language product) please register via product@datakluis.nl

The World Wide Web turned 35 last month

While the world is unlocking the opportunities arising from rapid AI developments, the www celebrated its 35th birthday last month. Meanwhile the EU is taking steps to regulate both data transparency for training models (AI act) and data accessibility (Data act). We fundamentally support the vision of Tim Berners-Lee on building a human-centric web based on a common web-standard toward a ‘1st person’ (or zero-pary) data eco-system. Tim reinforced his original vision with an impressive ‘Open Letter’. https://medium.com/@timberners_lee/marking-the-webs-35th-birthday-an-open-letter-ebb410cc7d42

“People will realize that basically anything which works and doesn’t give them data in their pocket is kind of robbing them of the power,”

"There won't be suddenly a day when everything switches across, but just incrementally and inexorably, everything will be moving into this new, much more powerful world."

Reach out to us

With the enormous speed at which AI is developing and our fundamental belief in the importance of ‘1st person data in an AI era’, we are being approached from many sides, locally and internationally, to explore potential cooperation. More and more organizations or sometimes even entire sectors want to know exactly what we are developing and how they can join ‘the movement’ on mid-long term. Even though we will only be piloting live (at scale) at the end of this year, we are always open to interesting connections and always interested to touch base on your ideas about potential new ‘killer-usecases’.

So don’t hesitate to contact us if you think jouw.id can add value to you, your organization or your sector.